Naz Care Home for HIV Positive Children

Following MUKTI’s successful collaboration with Karm Marg we were approached by the Naz Care Home for HIV positive children. The Home was founded by Anjali Gopalan, when an HIV positive baby was left on her doorstep. The NAZ children are quite young — they are often abandoned and sick babies, who cannot care for themselves on the street.

After South Africa, India has the second highest incidence of HIV/AIDS in the world. There are 5.1 million people in India living with HIV.

Naz children at playNaz children at play

The Naz Care Home is the only care home in India specifically for HIV positive children. It is extremely difficult for them to find funds to meet their running costs — as all government and HIV/AIDS funding in India goes to prevention and educational programmes. The comprehensive medical care always on site for the children accounts for a huge portion of Naz’s annual budget.

Thus far in 2006, MUKTI has donated £10,000 to the Naz Care Home. Everyone will be able to see the positive life that HIV positive children are leading at Naz in MUKTI’s DVD .