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Thanks to all our friends and supporters during 2013 Mukti received £28,600

During this time we made grants of £30,814 as follows


Maher is now the world’s largest shelter for battered women and their children. Founded by Sister Lucy it currently houses over 200 women and over 500 children. A few years ago Sister Lucy decided to extend their provision to old women ~ mostly widows ~ who were abandoned and living on the streets.

Mukti now funds this home ~ called Suhksandhya ~ and this year we sent £10,000 for the home.

A young woman, Swati, who came to Maher as a small girl was getting married and Mukti contributed £200 towards her wedding at Maher.

Total given to Maher in 2013 : £10,200

This brings the total given to Maher since we started funding it in 2010, to £35,900.


Karm Marg has faced some difficulties over the past two years that Veena Lal, founder has now successfully navigated. The home is flourishing and there are now 15 girls and 18 boys living permanently at the home.

During 2013 we granted £12,000 for the children’s education and staff salaries. In addition we granted an honorarium to Veena Lal of £3000 as she receives no salary from the charity.

The total given to Karm Marg during 2013 : £15,000

Since we began funding Karm Marg in 2004 this makes a total of £199,500.


Through Garuda founder, James D’Silva, Mukti encountered some young men in Goa in need of help. With James’ help and support from Garuda students we were able to provide living expenses, accommodation and education for 3 young men at College in Goa for 2 years at a cost of £3,900 during 2013.

These 3 young men, who have no parents, and were previously living at Don Bosco Orphanage.

In addition we provided School fees for 2 orphaned children in Rishikesh £190


As homelessness is on the increase in the UK, our committee decided to give grants to Centrepoint that assisted the homeless in London.

Mukti sponsored 3 rooms for a year during 2013 at a cost of £432.

In addition we gave to their ‘Crisis at Christmas Appeal’ this December 2013 making a grant of £1,092 which ensured that 50 homeless people got a hot meal and a medical check-up on Christmas day.


Mukti in Spain continues its good work despite the grave financial crisis our Yogins there are dealing with. During this year they gave grants to Naz and a local school.

Naz is an orphanage in Delhi specifically for abandoned HIV Positive babies and children. This year Mukti Spain sent them £5,000. This brings the total given to Naz by Mukti UK and Mukti Spain since 2006 to £123,400.

Local School

Mukti Spain also provided free school meals and books amounting to £1,930 to children at a government school where it was badly needed.

Thank you Yogins, Friends and Supporters, without you the magic couldn’t happen.

Celebrate with Sting in New York with MUKTI's 2013 Lottery

StingSting and Trudie

A gift for MUKTI from our patron Trudie Styler

On 2nd October 2013, Sting will celebrate both his birthday and his new album, entitled The Last Ship, with an intimate and exclusive event in New York City.

The winner will receive two tickets to attend this special evening and will have the opportunity to go backstage and meet Sting beforehand. The concert will feature Sting performing selections from his new album, The Last Ship, which was inspired by his forthcoming play of the same name and explores the central themes of homecoming and self-discovery, drawing upon his memories of growing up in the shadow of the Swan Hunters Shipyard in Wallsend.

Return airfare from London to New York for the winner and a guest will also be provided, and while in New York they will enjoy a five-night stay at the luxury Empire Hotel from Tuesday, 1st October through Sunday, 6th October - with £500 spending money. Tickets £2 each & £10 for a book of 5

Your participation in MUKTI’s 2013 Lottery to win this unique experience will help the MUKTI Project to raise funds for the education and care of dispossessed and endangered street children and women in India. To request tickets and to find out more go to

Thank you for your help.


Trudie Styler - The Bag IssueTrudie Styler - The Bag Issue


Karm Marg had both a difficult and a successful year.

Let’s begin with the good news: All our children passed their school exams and several children graduated this year.

The Big Issue has taken up the Bag Issue after their launch in December last year and ordered bags from Jugaad, the bag-making label run by the older kids at Karm Marg, and these orders are starting to be fulfilled.

The difficult news: government officials are enforcing a ruling that boys and girls dormitories must be in separate buildings. While our girls and boys had separate dormitories they were in the same building. Officials threatened to close the home and put the children back out onto the street (and if ANYONE can figure out the common-sense of that, we’d love to hear it!). Veena Lal and the children have now gone to great pains (and expense) to re-vamp the small Jugaad building into a separate dormitory. The whole thing has created unease among the children but despite this they are now working bringing ‘day kids’ to the home. There are apparently now hundreds of local homeless children that our KM children are gathering up and taking home for a few hours each day.

Mukti was able to send the grant request for education and some salaries this year and it totalled: £22,227:

Education and Salaries£21,227
Christmas Party£1,000



The children are doing well although this year we did lose one child. Deepali, a six year old had been at the home since 2008 had arrived very ill and poorly nourished but the Naz Care Home had pulled her through in the miraculous way that it does. However, early one morning in September she took ill and despite being rushed to the hospital she died early in the evening. Both staff and children were deeply shocked and we join them in mourning the loss of this young life.

All the other Naz children are doing well in health and education. As the home is now getting other sources of funding we were able to reduce our grant which covers medicines and salaries.

Christmas Party£700
Sister Lucy and WidowSister Lucy and Widow


Not content with her home for battered women and their children that now houses over 200 women and 650 children, Sister Lucy saw another need : Old women, often widows, abandoned and left on the street. She started Sukhsandhya, a home for widows and it now has 30 women in residence.

Mukti has agreed to provide the total funding for this home which this year came to £9,000.

Diwali celebration£1,000


For the first time Mukti has been able to give to a local charity. Homelessness in this current economic climate is growing and the committee decided to give a grant of £410. This will give 20 homeless people a warm place to go on Christmas day, a hot meal and a medical check-up that includes a TB test.


We learned of two children in Rishikesh who had recently lost one parent and agreed to pay their school fess for the year. This came to £130.

Total Grants made for 2012 : £39,167

This money all comes from the wonderful people who support the fund raising efforts of Mukti. It is impossible to name everyone but special gratitude flows from us to our loyal patron, Trudie Styler who never forgets us in her annual ‘give-away’; to Dinkar and Hema Patel who continued their work with the annual Golf Tournament and Girish Mistry who has fearlessly taken up the Bag Issue on our behalf. To all our supporters who keep giving so generously and who never forget us. And to all our teachers who supported our major fund-raising event this year the Surya Namaskar-athon which made a whopping £12,073, with special thanks to Garuda Teacher James D'Silva who raised £5,325 in sponsorship.

* * * 2012 MUKTI CHARITY GOLF DAY * * *

On Sunday 23rd September 2012

Golf Day 2012

To be held at Blue Mountain Golf Centre (Wood Lane, Binfield, Berks, RG42 4EX)

Individual and Team Competition

On arrival bacon or vegetarian roll and coffee

Tee off at 10.30am

18 Holes Golf on parkland course (with refreshments at halfway house)

Rolling Carvery Dinner and Dessert from 4.00pm (vegetarian and non vegetarian)

Other fun competitions, raffle and auction

A whole day’s entertainment for £55.00


Individual: Best Stableford score, Nearest the pin, Longest drive,

Team: Best of two Stableford Scores on each hole

(Non Players: Carvery and dessert: Adults - £20, Children Under 14 - £10)

Book either as Team or individually, call:

Dinkar Patel07798662191Amit Patel07800839797
Girish Mistry07973254578Hitesh Parekh07977169092
Umakant Patel07792788608Ketan Bhadresa07919990479
Mahesh Patel07889181718

All proceeds go to MUKTI

Sun Salutations 2012
Sun Salutations 2012

Sun Salutations 2012 - 15th July

Thanks to our fabulously talented Rathulan Gnanendran we have a short 3 and 1/2 minute film of the Sun Salutations 2012:

With your wonderful generosity Mukti made grants totalling £60,000 this year (2011):

We sent £27,750 to Karm Marg which will be used as follows for the care and education of the 56 children currently living there :

Swami A at Karm Marg (MUKTI)Swami Ambikananda at Karm Marg
Salary (Educational & Care)£7,000
School fees for 55 children£6,100
School books£1,500
Bus running & maintenance£3,800
Welfare of children£750
School Uniforms - Summer£450
School Uniforms -Winter£700
School shoes£400
School sports shoes£250
Casual shoes£300
Utility bills£1,500
Christmas treats£900
Honorarium (Veena Lal)£3,000

Mukti U.K. and Mukti Spain sent a total of £16,700 to Naz which will be used as follows for the 23 children currently living there:

Trudie Styler at Naz (MUKTI)Trudie Styler at Naz
Educational expenses£350
Medical expenses£1,600
Nutritional expenses£3,600
School fees£400
School uniforms£500
Travel costs£1,600
Christmas Treats£700
Staff salaries£8,000
Boy and Best Friend at Karm Marg (MUKTI)

Mukti was also able to send £15,500 to Maher for use as follows :

Jeep for outreach programme£10,500
Towards care of women and children£ 5,000

Thank you thank you thank you!

Remember: All fund-raising work in U.K. is done on a voluntary basis so all funds go to the children’s projects in India.


Trudie Styler at Karm Marg (MUKTI)Trudie Styler at Karm Marg

As most of you know, for the past ten years Trudie Styler has been the patron and support of the MUKTI Project. She has always responded generously when we’ve sent out a plea for funding or support and has done so without seeing the two orphanages that MUKTI sponsors ~ Karm Marg (home for street-children) and Naz (home for HIV Positive and AIDS children), taking the word of the yogins who run MUKTI that the orphanages are working well. But this November Trudie was going to be in India attending the wedding of a Maharaja and decided to make a trip across to Delhi to visit the homes.

The project committee quickly decided it would be great if one of us could make the annual visit to the homes to coincide with Trudie’s visit, and I was the one that got to go. Lucky me! (Actually I think I was chosen because I’m the one with the best camera!) I am always inspired by seeing the children ~ they never fail to remind me how we can all turn our lives around if we are just given the opportunity and means to do so.

Trudie Styler at Karm Marg (MUKTI)

So I flew out on Friday the 19th November and by Monday the 22nd a group of us, including Veena Lal (who is director of Karm Marg), Anjali Gopalan (Director of the Naz home), Brinda Singh (who sits on the board of both homes) and some of Trudie’s friends (Snowdon, Emma and Theresa) were all in two cars making slow progress through the traffic of Delhi (which always includes trucks, cars, people, bicycles, scooters, bullocks and even the odd camel), towards Karm Marg situated on the outskirts of Delhi in Faridhabad. In the back of the car we had huge bags of fruit and goodies that Trudie had stopped at a Delhi market to buy and other bags of goodies sent by Hema from England.

The children of Karm Marg are warm and welcoming, ready for hugs and kisses from visitors and I did wonder how Trudie, probably more used to keeping paparazzi at a distance, was going to cope with this. I had seen other visitors from the West becoming a bit overwhelmed and retreating into their own space. But Trudie let down all barriers and instantly engaged with them all ~ meeting each child from the youngest to the oldest where they were, hugging and kissing right back. She was interested in what they were doing, what their dreams and ambitions are for their lives, and spent the entire day listening and talking to all of them. She engaged with Puja and Ashu who have both decided to try film-making as their careers now that they have successfully completed their higher education, and played with young Abdul as if she had known him for years.

Trudie Styler at Karm Marg (MUKTI)

I have always said I absolutely understand why Trudie sometimes gets bad press: she married the most gorgeous man on the planet and, heaven knows, even I’m annoyed with her about that (and I’m a celibate monastic!). But if those reporters who are often prepared to present her to the world in unflattering ways could just have been present to witness her open and authentic encounter with our children, I’m sure they would have something different to say (unless, of course, they’re made of stone, which is another possibility!).

One of the ways the children of Karm Marg engage with other children still on the street and being exploited in so many ways, is through street theatre. So in the afternoon they put on one of their concerts for Trudie. She sat and enjoyed it all.

I knew by then she was under pressure from Delhi’s gliteratti to attend functions with the elite of Delhi society that evening, but she brushed them all aside and said she wanted to go to Naz. As it was getting dark I took on the task of extracting her from the children ~ that she was by now dancing with ~ and getting us all into a car so that we could be off the worst roads by dark. (Not easy, but as you all know, I slip into downright bossy quite easily, “No, not just five more minutes. No, not another dance.”)

We then went onto Naz. By this time, I have to confess, I was tired and I’m sure Trudie was too. But you would never have known it from her response ~ again that instant and intimate engagement, laughter and sharing. The children danced for her, did Yoga for her and of course, it all ended with them all dancing together led by the magnificent Snowdon.

Trudie Styler at Karm Marg (MUKTI)

Finally, long after dark and after the children’s usual bedtimes, we left Naz and parted, as Trudie would be leaving for the airport at about 3 a.m.

On a personal note I have to say that while I love both Karm Marg and Naz and am so proud of the work the Yoginis and Yogins of the TYA do to raise funds for these wonderful, spirited children, I don’t always enjoy the task of fundraising ~ especially when having to ask again the very generous people we’ve already asked because we need that bit extra. But this was a day that made all the other days worthwhile: a day filled with nothing but laughter and delight.

Then last week, just as I was getting sorted out after my return, Trudie emailed to say that she had had lunch with “the kindest man on the planet” and told him all about Karm Marg and Naz. A few days later Tony transferred £45,000 into our MUKTI account (Now that’s the kind of “kind” I love! But don’t relax Yogins, while that helps us take care of 2011 there’s still 2012, 2013, 2014… no slacking off on the fundraising just yet and please keep selling those bedcover lottery tickets!

Trudie Styler at Karm Marg (MUKTI)

Every year Trudie has made special funds available during the Christmas/New Year season so that the children could party and get presents like all other children. And every year they have sent her a ‘thank you’ card addressed to ‘Auntie Trudie’. Watching them finally meet Auntie Trudie was a joy and an inspiration ~ and a reminder to keep my own heart open and let gratitude flow.

Thank you my dear, beloved friends, Yoginis and Yogins of England and Spain, who just keep this miracle happening, and thanks too to our patron, Trudie.

May you all have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful, creative 2011.

With joy and peace, Swami Ambikananda

Money sent to Karm Marg and Naz in India in 2010

A happy day - we have just sent off the final money for 2010 for Karm Marg and Naz and were able to meet our full financial obligation to them.

The figures are as follows:

Grant sent to Naz : £17,000

Of this grant, £6,000 was sent by MUKTI (Spain). All of this grant is used in day-to-day care of the 29 kids, including medicines and medical care.

Grant sent to Karm Marg: £23,000


In addition we provide an annual £3,000 honorarium to Veena Lal, co-ordinator of Karm Marg.

Last year we were not able to include money for a holiday for the 50 children (they usually go up into the mountains to a camp-site so the money includes their stay and transport) and I am absolutely delighted we are able to allow them this brief respite from the Delhi heat this year. They always enjoy their holidays and learn a lot from them.

Therefore, in total this year, for both projects, MUKTI (UK) has sent £37,000 and MUKTI (Spain) has sent £6,000 making a total of £43,000.

For your information the total amount sent over the 11 years we have been going is £300,000.

Thank you all so much - without your fabulous support none of this would have been possible and nothing would be possible in the future. Your wonderful support means that these children are enjoying what every child should: a childhood, fun, food, a safe home, an education and medical care.

Swami Ambikananda